Custom Clock Faces

Colors ♦ Finishes

Many styles are black and white line art, all of these can be put on any of ClockPrint's 8 standard backgrounds: WHITE, IVORY, TAN, OLIVE, WARM LINEN, PARCHMENT, AGED EDGES and AGED TIMERING
♦ Many other styles have color variations.
Custom backgrounds are available.
♦ Our Clock dials are printed on traditional matte heavy weight fine art paper
♦ Gloss laminated finish is available, Matte lamination is also available for faces not protected by glass.
♦ ClockPrints dials are now available printed on metal simulating brass, silver or copper. White or black backgrounds are also available. Metal Dial Pricing: Under 8 x 10 - $35, Under 12 x 18 - $50, Under 16 x 20 - $65 Call 513-926-1040 to order.

Clock Dial Sizes

Exactly the size you need
I supply pay buttons in 1" increments for convenience.
♦Design elements, including time rings, chapter rings, corner art can be re-sized or removed to fit your requirements
♦Get exactly the size you need, up to 23" x 36"
♦Clock dials are available in a round or rectangular format
♦Movement holes will be cut to 1/4". You may request no movement hole, just a center dot or whatever size you need.

Popular Woodworking Projects

ClockPrints is the listed clock faces supplier for these Popular Woodworking projects.
December 2008 Stickley Mantle Clock
August 2007 - Tall Case Shaker Clock
Book - ”Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects" "Mantle Clock"

Grandfather Clock Dials and Steeple Clock Dials

All of ClockPrints styles are available to fit grandfather and steeple clocks. 12 styles have been converted or designed for grandfather clock faces. 13 styles have been created for steeple clock faces including many Seth Thomas reproductions.

Add Ons

Logos, wedding dates. made dates, Est. dates, or any other custom text you require can be added in the same or similar style as the numbers. Please chose from ClockPrints' available fonts.
♦ Adding an inner rule to a line art face.
♦ Add a Manufacturer's logo. Add your logo. If you do not see the logo you want on the logo page, you will need to supply an example.
♦ Made in U.S.A.
♦ Calendar dates
♦ Military time
♦ Minute Rings
♦ Seconds dials - You may choose one we have done or supply a reference image.

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